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I know this is a strange title for a blog entry, but I use this word because every now and then my son Micah comes out with something so thought provoking, funny,  or so outside the box, that I have called it Mis-dom.


This weekend he asked me if I knew the game SIMS, and to his delight I said I did.  He then asked me if I knew why we forget the reason we go into rooms.  I thought these two things were completely unconnected, but I answered and said I had no idea why we forget the reasons we go into rooms, but that I found it very frustrating as it happens to me quite a bit.

He then said “What if it’s like god is playing the game SIMS, and he has just cancelled your move?”    After quite a bit of laughing from me, he then proceeded to give me the scientific reason why this happens to us, but the real reason is not half as interesting as his thought!