I didn’t know you didn’t like dogs!

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A few weeks ago a friend of mine invited me and the kids up to her farm to have a look at the lambs that had just been born. I jumped at the chance as I thought it would be very interesting for the two younger kids to see the animals up close and personal. It turned out to be a brilliant idea for my daughter who revelled in the muck and the cuteness of the wee lambs and the ducklings. As for my middle son, however… when we were outside and there was fresh air he was fine, but then we went into the pen where there were a lot of sheep, some delivering and some post delivery and some in labour. He did not like it at all! The smell was too strong; the chance of standing in poo was just too great for him to cope with, so I told him to move away towards the gate and gave him my phone to play with. It had our app on it, so I suggested he play with the app and tell me later what he thought.

We continued on our visit, we moved from the smelly yucky area into an open area, and my friend’s dog was there. My son said hello to the dog and petted her and everything seemed fine. We went and got a drink and a biscuit and went home. It wasn’t until he was in bed that I looked at the app to see what he had put in it. In the ‘I don’t like’ section he had put all in capital letters, “I DO NOT LIKE DOGS”. I was so surprised and rather glad I had given him my phone to play with as I had been thinking about getting a dog!

The next day I asked him, “Do you really not like dogs?” He confirmed what he had put into AutisMe, very strongly. “So you wouldn’t want us to get a dog then?” “Absolutely not” he said, “they are too jumpy, and I can’t tell what they are going to do next.”

So this is a testimony to the power of AutisMe, it is so hard for our kids to communicate and tell us things, even the most benign things. And I am so glad we had AutisMe to communicate through otherwise I might have gotten a dog and scared my son half to death!